back home again

I am now back home and will not be returning to Paris till April. I said that about March but things changed. The trouble with living a half and half lifestyle is fitting in the things to do at the right time.
I have just come back from the docs after the result of all the tests she did. I am ok no diabetes, borderline high BP but she would rather I lost weight than put me on tablets. I have had borderline BP for many years but no-one has done anything about it. Thyroid stable so now on the higher dose of the tablets and most of the skin problems have improved so it is just my ears giving me the gip…that is itchy, so got cream for that. Got the shopping done and car cleaned, presciption got and now to pick up Jim at the airport. He was meant to be on holiday next week but he has put it off till the next week which is the week before we go off to Iceland. (The four most cloudy night in Iceland 17-20th March so that no aurora is seen.) They say at this time of year if it is not cloudy there the aurora can usually be seen.

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