I have not posted on the blog for ages because I have not done very much. Also I was locked out for some reason.

Feb is a horrible month, it is cold and grey and damp and dark. I want spring to come soon. The only thing good about Feb is that it is short and for those who get paid it makes up for January which is a long month especially if you get paid pre Christmas.

I went to the gym today… trying to get off the couch and do something but I am so unfit it has to be done in small steps. I am trying to improve my cycling ability as I know if I got on a bike I wouldn’t make it up to the Estate gates, as there is a very slight incline. So I am using the bikes in the gym. I started off doing a flat cycle for 10 minutes and will increase it and then put in hills and up my RPM. Eventually I may be able to go for a wee cycle. I like to go for a swim after the gym but even that I have to build up to get to my old level.I used to do 50 lengths but now can only manage 20. It is going to be a slog to get back to where I used to be.


The last day of 2013 and I am full of the cold. I don’t get many colds partly because I have immunity to some and mostly because I see so few people. But recently I have been down south to see the wee one and they usually have some bug or other. Anna also has a cold and she is still staying with us. Tonight though she is off to Edinburgh to a party. Yesterday we went to see Rachael in her flat in Glasgow and she is in fine fettle. Jim has been having problems with his knees this year and had an op on them earlier this month. We are in for a quiet night tonight . Evelyn and Angus will pop round at 11:30 and Tricia is going up the hill with the dog then coming in to see us.

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I still can’t help myself answering her drivel. Yesterday it was how the post office productivity has improved in the 3 weeks since privatisation. All because her Amazon orders get there quicker. If she is so anxious she should pay for prime. But what a load of government cods wallop she vomits out. She appears to have read the Tory party manifesto. She reckons we will have to pay to get post from England once we are free of them. It’s people like her we want to be free of.

Stretching the bird.

Part of living on your own most of the time is the problem of eating the same thing over and over again to use it all up. Jim doesn’t have that problem as he doesn’t really cook so either buys one person meals or eats out. He doesn’t really like eating the same thing twice. It was with some trepidation I bought a chicken on Saturday knowing it would do 2 meals and auld grumpy might complain, but I did want some chicken soup. So last night I made roast chicken. We ate the breasts leaving plenty to strip off the carcase for soup and for a chicken pie I had planned. This morning’s bout of insomnia got me up to cook the bread and strip the chicken and boil the carcase for stock. I made the soup and added some strips of chicken but the majority of the leg meat and some other bits and pieces went into a pot with mushrooms, leek, white wine cream (well, creme fraiche) and dried herbs and a wee bit stock. That was stewed then was put in a casserole with a puff pastry lid and stuck in the oven. But half the puff pastry was left. I had jars of plums I bottled years ago so I made a plum tarte tatin. It worked very well but was a bit sweet, suited Jim though. I feel stuffed. 2 mains courses and several days of soup out of a bird I am quite pleased.