I have not posted for a good while. I have spent the week hiding from the cold and reading books. Well I did go to the gym one day. I have read the first of Conn Iggulden’s Conquerer series and will read more as I enjoyed it. Another fantasy book followed and the Dick’s book. I was asked to review Dick’s book but many people get relatives to review their books and it is not quite a fair review so I will not. I was a quick quite enjoyable read but I am biased so will not submit a review. I have started a book called The Cafe on the Nile and I am not too sure about the subject matter. It was second hand and very cheap so nothing much wasted. As for Conn Iggulden’s second book in the series, it does not arrive till Saturday (another second hand book) but the third one arrived today. That happens with second hand Amazon books.By that time Jim will be here for a week so I cannot see me getting a great deal of reading done. What I have to look forward to in his retirement, my reading curtailed.


I have not posted on the referendum but now it is over for a short time I will comment on it. I was dismayed that none of the daily papers came out in support of it, If no editor wants to be part of it fair enough but I was seriously angered at The Times for their poisoned pens in calling yes supporters all sorts of names. I was also shocked t their reporting post referendum of the riot in George Square. The No supporters attacked the yes one and went on to set fire to The Herald offices nearby. This was reported as a skirmish between the two sides.These thugs were Orangemen who came into George Square to attack a peaceful gathering of yes supporters . After this I think all Orange marches should be banned from Scotland as a safety measure. They were not necessarily even from Glasgow.
There has been a campaign to boycott all the businesses who supported the No campaign. I do not think that is feasible but I will think twice about shopping with the firms that suggested 3 days before the vote that they will put prices up no matter. I will definitely not be reading The Times any more. Gutterpress.
I do feel that the Government used dirty tactics to swing the vote and I think it worked. First of all I do not think it would have been in RUKs interest to not have a joint pound and it was a lying tactic suggested by A Darling.

Why Yes!

Why am I voting Yes!

The main reason is the “me” culture of the Southern English. They say it is the nanny state that they are against but it is to protect their high standard of living.
Take a person working in the city. They are paid vast amounts of money, have bought super pad in London and have a good standard of living. Ok , an over simplification. But these people bemoan the nanny state but say they are worth the money they are paid because they work long hours and are under load of stress. I have a son in law who works sixty hours a week and is stressed out because he cannot make enough for a decent standard of living on a near to minimum wage.He cannot afford the luxuries that these city boys can. He cannot afford the luxury pads. He worries how his bills are going to be paid. It is these City boys who avoid taxes using specialised accountants when the poor are paying the full whack.

The EU

I cannot see them chucking us out as we are an oil rich nation. I can, though, see the English chucking the EU out as there is a referendum on that after the Scottish one. The UKIP vote is quite strong in England, much less so in Scotland.Scotland’s vote is not big enough to have its say. I want to stay in the EU. I want to be part of the Euro. Ok it has had some problems recently but so has everyone.


I want to be part of the euro and it will not happen if we are part of the UK. Trading will be easier. I cannot really see this happening under any circumstances. I see us using the pound either as a partner or as users. Scare tactics have been incredible here. If a large Scottish company goes tits up and needs rescues as some have been in the past and the Bank of England rescues them, the Bank of England will not then own Scotland. It will have rescues the company as it would more than likely have a detrimental effect on the UK as well as Scotland, not the country as was suggested by some southern academic.

Alec Salmond is only a party leader not the first minister for all time.He could have a heart attack tomorrow or on the 18th. He is no spring chicken and will only go on for a limited time. Love or hate him it is no reason to vote no because of him.
The SNP used to be called the Tartan Tories but since the SNP has taken over there has been free care for the elderly (That is their personal care is taken care of free of charge. This should be extended to people who are terminally ill. At the moment they have to have a life expectancy of one month this should be expanded to at least 12 months.) There has also free prescriptions , free dental checkups, free hearing and sight tests for all. Scotland’s health is not the best so we are working on it. Measure have been taken to make cheap booze less acceptable. I see in the future that government may try to solve the alcohol problem by using the Scandinavian model. I will not be a happy bunny but it could save many lives and make many happier and safer.

Greener future

Scotland has oil and it will not run out in my lifetime or probably my children’s. Sir Iain Wood (a provider of people who work in the oil industry not a person who produces or drills for oil) who seems to be a spokesman for the government about oil, stated a year ago that the projected output of oil in Scotland was 240 Million or billion barrels,(I know not much difference) but when talking about it now says that Salmond is exaggerating when he says 240 and it should only be 150. But there is an alternative which the present Scottish government is working on and that is greener energy. We already have hydro power and have increasing amounts of wind power. Wave power is now being tested out. Parts of Scotland are 100% green energy in fact 100% + but they cannot export this energy into the grid as there is not the infrastructure there to do so. About time there was .

In fact there is so much Scotland can do to improve the industrialisation by modernising. Scotland has been kept back because we have not kept up with the latest innovations in industry. It will initially cost a lot but if we do it our highly trained engineers and other craftsmen will be better off in the future.

General Confidence
Something has to be done to make Scottish people more confident in themselves. Here I do mean individually as well as as a nation. The Scottish people have been brought up to think that they are not good enough to succeed but we have some huge names who have been the greatest innovators of their time. At the moment we have some incredible giants of industry but who are they… we never hear of them. Many of them move south. Look at even famous film stars where do they live London… why? Because it is the hub. We have an expanding film and television industry here let it expand more. We have low wages here compared to other place. We could produce small ships but we have not the technology. Come on get up to date.


Keep class numbers low. Teachers well trained and schools in good order.


We need immigrants to do the jobs that even the low paid do not want to do. We need immigrants too pay for pensions as there are not enough people in the younger age bracket to pay for them.


They say that they are not privatising the NHS but neither are they improving it. The wards are understaffed. Resources are not being used well. Once again we need modernisation. It would be best if we had enough hospital places to do the work rather than having to farm these out to private hospitals.The NHS does not expect to make a profit but private hospitals are there to. We must save money if we are not using private facilities.

The yes campaign says if we get independence that we are committing the rest of the UK to Tory rule. That is not the case . The only time this has been true is the last election where the Tories then joined with the lesser Tories (sorry I mean the Libdems) without the Scottish vote they wouldn’t have needed the lesser Tories. Every other election the Scottish vote would have made no difference at all to the outcome. On the other hand Scotland has not had a Tory majority for tens of years but has been condemned to Tory rule on many occasions.

Even if we do get independence nothing is going to happen fast but other countries of a similar size to us have succeeded and we have natural resources. Without Independence I doubt that even the status quo will be maintained.

The prime minister has promised more powers to Scotland after the referendum but does not say what they will be.They have given and then taken away powers to suit themselves over the fracking issue already what is there to stop them again.


We had a reasonably quiet day today. I did the ironing, well most of it, but that was all that got done. We were going to have a gourmet meal tonight of burgers but Jim decided that maybe we should go out. Intially he suggested the East Neuk but then decided to save food miles and go to the Pitlessie Village Inn. The had had a really busy day but were really welcoming and the food was great. Burgers tomorrow.

Jobs for the future generation.

For a long time now I hear employers complaining that they cannot get decent trained staff. I hear the young complaining that they cannot get jobs because they have not got experience. There should be a premium on training. If firm A trains someone to do a job then firm B poach them Firm A should be able to claim a fee from Firm B for training them. In this way maybe more employers would stop moaning about not getting decent staff and get on with training them themselves. Either that or the employees are taken on had be contracted to work for a couple of years after their training is finished.
Similarly dentists, who have had subsidised fees paid in this country should be made to work for the NHS for a couple of years post training. It means they are trained by more experienced dentists and there is a payback of some sorts. Doctors have to do their couple of years in a hospital before they specialise.


I have not posted on the blog for ages because I have not done very much. Also I was locked out for some reason.

Feb is a horrible month, it is cold and grey and damp and dark. I want spring to come soon. The only thing good about Feb is that it is short and for those who get paid it makes up for January which is a long month especially if you get paid pre Christmas.

I went to the gym today… trying to get off the couch and do something but I am so unfit it has to be done in small steps. I am trying to improve my cycling ability as I know if I got on a bike I wouldn’t make it up to the Estate gates, as there is a very slight incline. So I am using the bikes in the gym. I started off doing a flat cycle for 10 minutes and will increase it and then put in hills and up my RPM. Eventually I may be able to go for a wee cycle. I like to go for a swim after the gym but even that I have to build up to get to my old level.I used to do 50 lengths but now can only manage 20. It is going to be a slog to get back to where I used to be.